The Etobicoke Spring Open

I) Info

II) Registration (Limited Space!)

i) No Fee (Donation only, see below)

III) Prizes

IV) Playing up

V) Registered Players

I. Tournament Info:

March 14th & 15th @ Etobicoke Civic Center, Meeting rooms 1, 2 and 3 downstairs

March 15th : R4 @ 10a
                        R5 @ 1230p

Rated sections U1200/U1700/Crown (1700+)

Rating sections and round times are subject to change, but whatever you see above is the most current update on tournament format.

Non-CFC section: 5 30-minute games on Saturday, round times will be determined on the day. First round starts at 10 AM

Free Parking, subway/TTC accessible, for directions check

II. Registration

NOTE: We have space for 45 players only so far, for this tournament. Spots for players are assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. If we manage to negotiate with the city for more space, we will update this part of the page.

To obtain a CFC ID to play in the rated section, visit

To play in the unrated section, simply fill out the form below and put “00000” in the CFC ID section.

i) There is no official registration fee. The suggested donation is $10 – 20 since the tournament will cost us at least $350 to run. If you can afford it, donating would help. If you can afford to donate $20 or more, it would help tremendously and would allow us to keep running these tournaments more than once, and maybe more than once a year. Ways to donate:

  • E-transfer us money , email is “”, make the secret answer “Tournament” or something else but make it obvious, and mention somewhere that it’s your donation for the tournament
  • Donate online: add “tournament” in the message Paypal donation link
  • Cheques can be made out to “Etobicoke Chess Club” and can be mailed to:

Etobicoke Chess Club

21 van camp place

Toronto ON

Canada M9R 2N2

We cannot accept any cash donations on the premises on the day of the tournament, but we can accept cash on our Thursday night sessions which would go towards the tournament. Come by on a Thursday night, donate, and say “this is for the tournament”.

If you can’t afford to donate, don’t worry, just put “0” in the “My expected donation” section.

Fill out this form to register:



If you can’t afford to donate $10 then don’t worry, donate what you can and register. If you can’t afford to donate, don’t worry, just register. If you have a CFC ID, you’ll play in the rated section. If you don’t, we’ll put you in the Unrated section.

Any questions please email

III) Prizes

– The CFC rating points that you win from the games

– Bragging rights

– Everlasting Glory

IV) Playing up

There is no fee for playing up a section, but you must be within 100 rating points of that section to play in it. Alternatively, if you have never played a CFC game in the past and you are new to the CFC rating system, you must have previously won a chess championship on some national level in order to be allowed to play up. In the ECC inner circle, this is know as the Ghaytasvand exception. Look for “Parviz Ghaytasvand” in the “Champions” section of our website to learn why this is allowed.

You may also play up provided you are unrated and you fulfill the requirements of what I call a “Trial by Combat”. This requires you to come to the Etobicoke Chess Club as an unrated player on a Thursday and challenge a rated player who plays in a section you’d want to play in. If the rated player agrees to a challenge game, you’d have to play against them at a time control of their choosing, one game, and you’d have to either win or draw to go straight from being unrated, to playing in their section. If you do not win or draw, you will have to challenge for the section below the section which you just challenged. If you just challenged for one level higher than the lowest section, you do not get another challenge game and you’ll have to play in the lowest section we have to offer, as most unrated players are made to do during any chess tournament.


V) Registered Players (numbered to indicate how many, in total, have registered)

1) Erwin Casareno 2007

2) Matthew Bergeron 1983

3) Riley Khan 1904

4) Parviz Ghaytasvand 1895

5) Brendan Cater 1863

6) Dashnor Hasku 1833

7) Cameron Herbert 1298

8)Mohan Dixit 1297

9) Varun Pillai 1182

10) Siddhi Dahale 1172

11) Jaipreet Singh Dhaliwal 1114

12) Sato Morin 1093

13)Karma Pillai 987

14)Nobu Takeuchi 842

15) Anthony Jiaan Feng 648

16)Kevin Zou 520

17)Anh Nguyen (Unr.)

18) Ken Higgins (Unr.)

19)Mugil Muruganandam (Unr.)