Record-breaking session at the Etobicoke Chess Club!


An unprecedented 28 people were at the Etobicoke Chess Club this Thursday. We filled almost every coffee table in the Second Cup, we were Very busy, and a lot of our regulars were very happy with the turnout. Prior to this day, our maximum was 20.

We’ve been sitting down with and talking to our players and, by popular demand, we will be holding our first chess tournament next week. We will also have a separate area for lessons and instruction. More on all this in another post. We are also actively searching for a new home as we grow. More on this when I find out more about what a community center room costs 😛 All for now, toodles.

Play CFC rated games at the Etobicoke Chess Club!

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The Etobicoke Chess Club now offers you the opportunity to play CFC rated games right at our club meet in the Second Cup on Thursday evenings.

The $3.40 rating fee we collect from you goes straight to the CFC so your rating can be adjusted for whether you win or lose. If you’d like to donate to us you can, but we won’t charge anything for the games. $3.40 is for classical chess ($3+HST) and if you wanna play Active chess was than an hour or untimed) then it’ll be $1.50+tax.

We hope this will draw serious players to our club who share our vision that chess should be free and accessible. Please don’t hesitate to text me for more info , 6475742453 or email

The Ambassadors go Over The Board at the Guelph Summer Pro Am!

Team ECC (Matt and myself) managed to score some wins at the CFC Guelph Summer Pro Am this weekend ! I’m not actually good at chess at all, so I played in the Under-1000 rating section and won three games out of five, landing myself 8th out of 23. One more win and I would have came home with a trophy, sigh. Matthew was less merciful , taking home 3 wins and one draw in his division, ending up 4th in the Under-2000 section going toe-to-toe with 1800s. If you wanna hear more about our tournament shenanigans, please come this Thursday, and you can also see our video here :

Good times at the ECC

Solid turnout this week with 18 people at the Etobicoke Chess Club. We split the group into regular games and instructive games, so we now have a dedicated area for FREE CHESS LESSONS during club. If you’re interested in coming by and playing some games, or if you want FREE CHESS LESSONS? Come check us out next Thursday. You will not be disappointed.

Lots of news faces, young and not-young ;-) , at the Etobicoke Chess club last Thursday

18 people showed last Thursday, and we had more children than ever before. Teenagers, middle school, primary school, and one kid that put some of our regulars to the test, one of whom is convinced the kid he played is going to be a Master one day.

Next week, we will have a section for instructive games and novices And we will have a section for our regular games. No novices left behind at our club, everyone will have the chance to learn something and play to practice their new lessons. All children who come to the club will learn And have fun, we like happy children and happy parents.

We are tossing around the idea of offering people a club rating if they would like one. We have the software and means to be able to do this, please send us a message if you’re interested. This will not, in any way, affect what we’re doing right now as a club.

Sorry for the late post, lifted weights the day after chess club and realised I probably should be doing a lot more of that, as well as chess 🙂

Always something special happening at our weekly Thursday meetings! This meeting was no exception!

Hey everyone. Matthew aka Vegereness here! Can’t let our fearless leader Jeremy continue with all the posts. Also helps he’s not here right now 😛 He’s currently enjoying his trip in St. Louis where along with attending to personal matters is being enlightened by the Chess Gods so to speak – the Chess Gods at the St Louis Chess Club and Scholastic Centre (I am so jealous!). He will be returning to us on the first week of June. We all miss him! Make sure you take lots of pictures Jeremy!

In other news we had a strong showing of 19 chess players show up, with quite a few first time visitors taking a peak at the chess fun and warm atmosphere the Etobicoke Chess Club was providing. I always find it fascinating how much interest our activity every Thursday is generating and it’s always a reminder on how much good is taking place at our club – to provide free accessibility for chess players from all different strengths and regions. We have some chess players come as far as Hamilton and Oakville to show up and play at the club! We really do provide a service to the community and I would like to share a story about an encounter that took place during this meeting – just because of our vibrant club’s atmosphere.

While having a game with chess player Jennie, I was approached by a person who told me that there was a lady sitting at the far back table in Second Cup who wanted to speak to me about what was happening today. I noticed she was sitting with 4 of her friends. I approached and introduced myself and found out that they were all teachers + 1 principal who teach at Transfiguration of our Lord Catholic School! After talking about the Etobicoke Chess Club in detail including our meetings every Thursdays and our Vision of free chess accessibility and warm atmosphere, the lady who was now identified as Adriana said this was an amazing idea and there’s definitely something happening here! After her colleagues all agreed, Adriana said she helps organize a chess club for gifted students at her school and that she would love to bring a few, including her son, to next weeks meeting. I said it would be an honour and would love to meet all of them! Just goes to show how our club continues to touch and inspire different parts of the community!

Next week will be a 2 part special meeting. The first half will continue with our casual play – just find a player and play some chess! As for the second half I will be conducting a small simul with our younger chess players followed by a chess lesson afterwards if time permits. Newer chess players are welcomed to the lesson (or if they want a challenge – the simul) as well!

If you would like to know about the Etobicoke Chess Club, please post a comment here and we’ll be happy to get back to you. If you want to see something different, like a theme to the meeting or an event you think would be fun for the club, let Jeremy or myself know so we can look into it and see if it’s doable! We love taking feedback on how we can make the club more fun, interactive and engaging! If you want to see more chess members attend every Thursday, consider sharing this blog on your social media and speak to friends/colleagues who you think might be interested in playing chess OTB (On The Board). I introduced a friend 2 weeks ago and he was hooked!

That’s all for now. Thanks to Alvin who hosted last weeks meeting with bringing all the chess equipment. Highly appreciated!

Keep on Chess’n!



Today’s Tactic!

Tactics before midnight, how about that ?! White’s Queen sacrifice wins the game … eventually. If you know the answer, post it in the forum. If you don’t know, ask me. Or come on Thursday, and I’d be happy to show you. Took me 3 minutes but I got it 🙂 White to move and win, eventually.