Awesome awesome chess day!

Here are pics from last Thursday.


Wow, just … wow

Chess today at Woodbine Mall! 530 – 930 pm in front of the Bay, at the round tables.


I’m a guy, so it’s always a complete shocker to me to see stuff like this. I didn’t even know Magnus Carlsen (currently the World Champion of chess) was even on lichess ( is a place where you can play, learn and practice chess for free).

Please watch as much of this as you can, it’s truly amazing to see Magnus sacrifice half his time (in games of 1-minute maximum) and climb the ranks of this bullet chess tournament. Will he get the #1 spot? You’ll have to watch all the way to the end to find out.


White to move. Whenever someone tries to sacrifice to break open my castle, I look at it for a bit and then say something silly like “You wanna dance? Okay, let’s dance.” This time, I played a 1940-rated chess tactic and actually defended appropriately. Go for it, white to move.