Rainy day tactics

This one was rated 2024 by chess.com. Black to move and win through checkmate, capturing a piece or gaining an advantage in one or more moves.



Late start today

Chess will start at 6 today, our co-director is stuck in wicked bad traffic. But he’ll be there!


We are out of debt!

The Etobicoke Chess Club is, as of the last donation count, officially out of debt. Generous donations from all of our members have paid for:

  • 2 years of nonprofit insurance
  • Government fees for incorporating as a nonprofit
  • Chess boards
  • Chess clocks
  • Fees for a logo
  • Fees for a meetup group that continues to grow and attract new members

And not much else, we run a very tight ship and are interested in continuing to run this chess club on as little money as necessary. Any surplus we accumulate as an organization will go towards:

  • Securing a government grant
  • Getting our own location
  • Being able to run CFC rated tournaments out of this location for the lowest price in Canada

In June 2019, we will be starting the process for submission in order to try and secure a government grant. Look for more news from the Etobicoke Chess Club in the near future.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every one of our members who comes out and donates, and those who have donated online. Every dollar counts, no donation is too large, and 100% of the money is going toward forwarding a good cause. None of it is paying a salary, we are all volunteers, all money donated to us is making a direct difference on chess in Toronto through our organization. Thank you all.

In the meantime, we still play every Thursday evening at Woodbine Mall!

If you would like to donate, click the “Donate” tab at the top and see how you can do so.



Our goals for the next year


One of our members dropped a bunch of money on us today, way more than we normally accumulate in donations in one night. He jokingly said that he hopes the money will go to a good cause, but that got me thinking … Does anyone else know what we plan on doing with it?

Well, we operate out of Woodbine mall, we’ve more or less paid off the boards and almost all of the cost of the clocks (another thousand or 1100 or so), so what’s in our overhead?

Nonprofit insurance $513 a year, and advertising on meetup $240 a year. But that should be coverable by scraping together a few bucks in donations each week, right? What would we do if we had more money?

Our plan, ever since we made the chess club a nonprofit a year ago, is to go after government grants to run tournaments in Toronto for as little money as possible, and to have our own free space that’s public but quiet. The CFC only charges $3 per player per tournament, so if we can start a tournament program that allows us to run tournaments with space that’s already paid for , without taking it out of an individual player’s pocket, we figure that’d be awesome.

Any surplus money we make after covering our bases over the next year will be spent trying to secure a grant that will set us up for a long time. We will also try to secure equipment and our own space to run weekly chess night in a quiet central location, as well as super-accessible tournaments so that even the most budget-wary parent can bring their child to a chess tournament, and so that anyone who’s starting out in the sport can get their feet wet without breaking the bamk.

Am I worried that someone else is going to read this, take my idea and run with it? Of course not. If someone else thinks this is a good idea, they should already be doing this! We wholeheartedly encourage what I just mentioned, but this approach doesn’t make any money. I don’t know how many times I can say this, though; we’re not in this for the money. We’re in this for chess.